Commercial Water Damage Repair in Redding Ca. 24hr Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

Serving the North State and Redding Area's Commercial Emergency Water Damage Restoration Needs

We take Commercial Water damage restoration seriously. Operating a successful business in California is already a painstaking task in itself without the added burden of an unforeseen water damage incident.

Aztec understands the damage down time can do to any business in the Redding Area. Such a set back can cost greatly especially with regard to retail based storefronts have the potentially lose more than just the down time often incurred for disaster cleanups.

We employ all the latest water and moisture removal and remediation technology. Our cleanup crews hold untold decades of combined experience in commercial and business related disaster mitigation. We keep dedicated, experienced tradesmen on hand specializing expert emergency water and moisture removal, oncoming water diversion, board ups, asset removal / cleaning and storage, water damaged document recovery, and of course the rebuild process after the threat of further property loss or damage is eliminated.

Securing the Water's Entry Point

Emergency water damage prevention, mitigation and restoration should be fast and effective. When dealing with a disastrous unwanted water entry, time is money. Here at Aztec Construction and Restoration we hold the Redding Community dear to our hearts and view the threats to our local businesses to be a threat to the health of our community as a whole.

For this reason we feel it is important to work fast and efficiently to mitigate and minimize property loss as quickly as possible. If your business is hit by disaster it becomes our business for as long as it takes to eliminate the threat and recover any and all damaged assets, and remove all possible future threats of mold growth, dry rot, structural damage and get the rebuilding process underway.

Water Damaged Document and Asset Recovery

Recovering water damaged assets can be an art in itself. Aztec takes a lot of pride in our ability to help minimize the damage done. While one crew is addressing any ongoing water entry threats another crew will be working to save the most valuable and water damage susceptible assets. We facility any off-site storage requirements and work fast to get the important stuff out of harm's way first. Any computing equipment, paper documents, electronics and / or machinery will be prioritized and removed first. Our emergency response crews are trained and kept on board for their dedication and work ethic.

Alternative Emergency Storage or Location Arrangements

If your Redding or Shasta County business needs to be relocated during repairs, Aztec Construction aids in arranging alternative location arrangements often bundled into the insurance claim assistance. We can even help temporarily relocate your business. Aztec office staff will keep you informed of the overall restoration progress along the way. We can help ensure that your business carries on as hassle free as possible despite the water damage incident.

Commercial Property Damage Repair and Restoration

In order to efficiently restore your property to pre water damage condition we must first completely mitigate and remove all water damaged structure and building materials. This includes any structural materials that have been wet long enough to swell, separate, delaminate, rot and or breed harmful fungus' like molds, black mold etc. These materials need to be replaced as far back as it takes to completely eliminate the problem areas so that the new structural restoration is something Aztec can guaranty.

Thoroughly removing water contamination is not just as simple as pulling out wet building materials. The mitigation process requires a deep understanding of the nature of moisture and its behavior in the roof, walls and floors of the effected building. After so many years in the water damage restoration field we have learned look for and follow the not so obvious signs that lead to the full extent of the damage or contamination. In this industry there are lots of ways to cut corners and often things go overlooked causing ongoing moisture damage for years to come completely unchecked.

The Aztec crew and management is known in the Redding Area for spending the extra effort to make sure this is not the case. We are confident that the possibility of further damage is completely removed before we stop off the job. Knowing full well that the Aztec name can be represented in every water restoration job we take on is as much peace of mind for us as it is for our customers.

Whether your incident was caused by a broken water main, a famous Redding California wind storm, sudden heavy snow fall or fire damage, Aztec knows the correct process and approach to minimizing your business's property loss as quickly as possible. We provide quality repair and mitigation unmatched in the Redding and surrounding areas, 24 hours a day. When we leave, your property will be fully secured and all threats mitigated no matter what it takes. Once the property is secured and all possibility of further damage is eliminated we will then provide insurance claim services and begin the process of restoring your business or commercial building to pre-damage condition as quickly as possible without compromising final product quality and integrity.

Common Water Damage Causes threatening Northern California Businesses

The most common water damage cases threatening businesses in Northern California are usually the building's internal utility water systems. They are often out of date and stressed to the point of failure at multiple levels.

The best defense against commercial water damage is always thorough and somewhat regular inspections

You can count on Aztec Construction to provide the best and most complete water systems consultation and inspections for your home or business location. We have the experience and the tools to root out even the smallest amount of unwanted moisture accumulation within your ceiling, walls and floors. One out of five inspections often leads to a small preemptive update on the system that prevents a future water system failure that would otherwise lead to a costly and extensive water damage restoration project.

The next most common water damage threat in the Redding and Shasta County Areas is fast becoming the recently occurring flash flooding, often doing the most damage as Northern California residents haven't been conditioned to consider the North State to be a flood zone area. Flooding does a great job revealing your building's and property's weak points and can inflict a lot of water damage in a small amount of time. The next common culprit for water damage being roof failure. Roof failures can be due to an aging roof and / or impact damage from falling trees or large tree limbs that penetrate the roof. Frequent roof inspections are another priceless precautionary measure that should be taken in effort to weather proofing their business, as a small undetected leak can do a fair bit of damage over the course of even just a few months.

Securing the Water's Entry Point

Unwanted water will creep into every available space in the structure of your business property, causing damage to: ceilings, roofing trusses and structure, framing, drywall, wood floors and subflooring, carpet, furniture, baseboards, moulding, cabinets and interior finishes.

When Aztec arrives we work fast to secure the water's entry point as quickly as possible whether it is an opening in roof caused by fallen trees or tree limbs, roof failure from aging roofing or structure, broken windows/doors, broken or even long leaking pipes. Each of these incidences often require a unique approach and are best handled with the seasoned experience Aztec customers continue to rave about.

Dehumidification - Water Removal & Moisture Extraction

Being a long standing water damage restoration and mitigation company in Shasta County, Aztec Construction & Restoration understands the importance of using the most current industry standard commercial dehumidification / extraction technology available. Our lineup of dehumidifiers, air movers and thermal drying systems allow for the fastest possible water / moisture removal, quickly evaporating away moisture and drying any moisture contaminated building materials.

At Aztec we utilize thermal imaging cameras and an array of moisture metering tools to locate hidden pockets of remaining moisture as well as standing water. All of these water damage repair practices reduce your overall end-result water damage restoration costs. Once the moisture removal process is complete we then move on to a more concise damage assessment and determine the extent of loss and level of repairs needed for your business property to be back up and running.

The right water extraction equipment in addition to the knowledge and experience we've built over the years allows our mitigation team to eliminate the resulting and future possibility of offending odors, mold or mildew growth in and around your public spaces.

Mold Remediation / Air Contamination

Mold is a force to be reckoned with. Mold remediation includes evaluation of the affected area (where either mold or moisture are present), any potential effect on health and safety of occupants, creating a remediation strategy and performing the abatement process. We are committed to providing the utmost care, restoring the property to be declared safe for occupants quickly and thoroughly.

This process involves careful consideration of your business's air quality. Air purification is the final step in mold mitigation / remediation. Throughout the mold damage restoration process we continuously take steps to purify the air and restore air quality to pre mold condition. Aztec takes your health and the health of the local Redding Area residents very seriously and spare no expense when it comes to removing toxic and infectious pathogens from the air.
Is your business Public Ready? Learn more about our contamination remediation practices

Aztec Construction & Restoration Is...

  • Decades of Experience
  • 24/7 Rapid Emergency Response with a Smile
  • Expert interim help to minimize further damage
  • Property Secure and Recover Specialists
  • Professional, Experienced Insurance Claim Assistance in Your Corner
  • High Quality Professional Custom Building Contractor

What to Do About Commercial Water Damage

Redding businesses have a lot of options in the way of commercial water damage restoration and repair but only one real choice. Aztec is a Local First company and cares deeply about the Shasta County and Northern California community.

We are here to help before and after any disasters you might experience. We have developed an extensive playbook for weather and water damage prevention. Call today for a free consultation!

All too often we don't realize the importance of preparedness until its too late. So if you are suddenly facing a water damage scenario Call Aztec Construction & Restoration Now!

Talking with the project managers at Aztec Construction you will quickly find that you can be sure your business or home will be put back together quickly and efficiently without compromising quality or craftsmanship.

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