Water Damage

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Water Damage

Water damage cleanup or water restoration is so advanced that they have developed a word for the process and science of drying:

Psychometry: the science and practice associated with atmospheric air mixtures and water vapor, their evaluation, control, and effect on materials.

Simply stated, the most efficient drying is accomplished when the restoration technician understands the scientific relationship between open and closed drying systems, natural versus mechanical dehumidification, and, most importantly, the relationship of temperature, humidity, and airflow.

An experienced water technician will utilize the practices of balanced drying – the balance of evaporation and dehumidification. By maximizing the use of airflow, temperature, and dehumidification, faster drying is maximized. If one, two or all three of the properties is misused or over depended upon, damage can occur, increasing microbial growth and increasing the drying time.

Structural Drying & Dehumidification
When a property has undergone extensive water damage, structural drying and dehumidification are required to eradicate water accumulation and future damage that can occur as a result. Aztec Construction & Restoration uses dehumidifiers, thermal drying systems and other leading-edge technologies to remove moisture from the air, while air movers are used for wicking away moisture and drying building materials. Thermal Imaging Cameras are also used, allowing us to see hidden pockets of moisture in the structure to be dried out, thus preventing the growth of harmful fungus such as mold.

Water & Sewage Extraction
Water is the number one cause of damage to properties. It can result from pipe failure or natural disasters such as hurricanes or numerous other manmade or natural events. While water damage from a broken pipe is commonly covered in a conventional insurance policy and national flood insurance covers water from natural disaster, few realize that their coverage isn’t adequate for many other causes of flooding—causes that often go overlooked by property and homeowners, such as water run-off or sewage backups.

There are 3 categories of Water Loss: Clean Water, Grey Water, and Black Water

Clean Water – is generally the result of a broken water line, appliance water line, sink or tub overflow, broken toilet tank, rainwater, etc. Called Clean Water because the source is likely not a source of contaminants. While passing through a property, Clean Water can quickly become classified as Grey Water.

Grey Water – may contain contaminants or bio-pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, and algae, and is found to be a result of damage from aquariums, appliance waste lines, waterbeds, toilet bowls, and other such water containers. As with other classifications, a Grey Water situation can quickly become a Black Water classification, as microorganisms that cause illness or breed disease spread.

Black Water – poses the most serious risk of contamination and can be caused by rainwater that has passed over a source that has a negative effect on human health such as oil from a parking lot, pesticides from a yard, raw sewage from a broken waste line, chemicals, etc.

Aztec provides preventative measures as well as structural and content assessment to prevent the further spread of mold. Mold remediation includes evaluation of the affected area (where either mold or moisture are present), the effect on health and safety of occupants, creating a remediation strategy and performing the abatement process. We are committed to providing the utmost care, restoring the property to be declared safe for occupants, as well as the containment and removal of affected materials.

No matter what the source, Aztec Construction & Restoration will assess the risk, measure the extent of damage and determine causation and the classification of water loss to provide the most adequate and safest treatment available to restore your property. Our goal is to mitigate the loss and provide quick, effective and efficient drying procedures to all affected areas. We guarantee results, call us today! Experience the professionalism in handling your disaster.

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